WebSite X5 Home 12

Get this website design tool, worth $19.99, for free, with today's giveway!

Get this website design tool, worth $19.99, for free, with today's giveway!

Between midday Saturday 26 December and midday Sunday 27 December EST, you get WebSite X5 Home 12, worth $19.99, for free.

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Today's Price: FREE
MSRP: $19.99 Saving $19.99 (100%)

About The Giveaway

WebSite X5 Home 12 is an easy-to-use WYSIWYG web design tool which can help you create websites, blogs, online stores, presentations, digital photo albums and a whole lot more.

Unlike many similar applications, WebSite X5 Home doesn't require web design experience or low-level knowledge of the technology. You don't have to edit HTML code or debug JavaScripts: instead, the program acts as a straightforward wizard, walking you through every step of the design process.

You start by choosing from 128 professionally-designed site templates, for instance. They're sorted in themes like "Shop", "Cinema", "Animals", "Sport", and all you have to do is browse the thumbnail gallery and select whatever you need.

After setting custom page headers and footers, you're able to build a site map, which defines the structure of your project. You might start with a top-level option called "Tips", which leads to another menu with "Windows XP", "Windows Vista/ 7" and "Windows 8". And then you can extend this, adding more menus, maybe nesting them to match whatever you're trying to do.

Designing individual pages is then just a matter of dragging and dropping objects onto a page. At its simplest, you might just add a text box, then type into it to add whatever content you need. But it's just as easy to add images, videos or audio files, Flash animations, maps, and a range of social network gadgets (Facebook buttons, Google+ badges, AddThis "Share" options and more).

You can take a look at your work at any time with a click of the Preview button. The site may be fine-tuned with custom menus, colours, fonts and more. And once you've finished, the site can be saved to disk, or directly published to the web via FTP.

Important Information

Giveaway available between midday Saturday 26 December and midday Sunday 27 December EST.


Running Giveaway promotions during Christmas, when companies are out of the office, sometimes run in to logistical issues. With this offer, we were relying on Incomedia to allow registration. It appears that the registration page expired about 2 hours after the offer went live! Nothing we could do as no-one is contactable at this time of year.

It's worth noting that we usually issue licenses/serial codes ourselves and most of the other Giveaway's include codes we issue.

However, there's a way around the WebSite X5 issue. Register here, then use this new account during installation and the installer will activate automatically.

How To Get Your Serial Code

The program will activate you during installation. However, you need a WebSite X5 account to complete your activation. Go to and complete the registration form to create an account and then enter your account password during installation to activate.

Upgrade to WebSite X5 Evolution 12 - Save 50%

Evolution contains 1000 templates (rather than the 200 found in the Home edition), free hosting for your website, an advanced e-commerce cart, SEO optimization and much more. See the Comparision Chart for more information.

Home users can upgrade to Evolution and save 50% from MSRP. To purchase, either follow the instructions after installation or click this buy link to purchase.