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What's it all about?

Welcome to the Downloadcrew giveaway website. Our plan is to use this part of the Downloadcrew website to offer you free full commercial software giveaways, sandwiched between software discount offers and the occasional competition.

Downloadcrew is a software downloads reviews site provided since November 2009 by Betanews Inc. We've long since had the vision to create a standalone website, where users can bookmark the site and return to take advantage of daily giveaways, offers and promos. See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section below for more detailed information.

Where you see discounted software offers on this website, these offers are powered by the Downloadcrew Software Store, in partnership with our e-commerce partner Cleverbridge. The discounted offers you'll see on Downloadcrew giveaway will be only available for 24-hours.

We will update the FAQ below with answers to your questions, so feel free to contact us with your questions!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are Downloadcrew?

The Downloadcrew website was setup in November 2009 to provide software reviews for the very best hand-selected downloads. Rather than simply spend our time finding the latest downloads and presenting you with a vanilla developer's description, we give you our own opinion on the software product, offering you extra information before you download. Rather than just reading the marketing spiel, we give you our personal view.

The Downloadcrew website is brought to you by Betanews Inc who are best known for FileForum, which is a bleeding-edge downloads site, offering you the very latest software betas and the final release downloads.

What framework do you use to power Downloadcrew giveaway?

Downloadcrew giveaway is powered by our software store technology, which first went live in October 2009 and has long since matured. During the last two years, the stores have enabled us to provide timed promotional offers, full software giveaways and backed by 6 x 100Mb/s download servers. We simply built on this to be able to allocate serial codes, run separate promos for 24-hours, provide widgets for partners and, of course, through a standalone website rather than via a software store.

Will there be a daily giveaway?

We do not believe in bringing you a sub-standard full software giveaways. With this in mind, we will not be offering a daily giveaway. Besides, the logistics and resources involved are incredible. This may change in the future, however, depending on the popularity of this giveaway website.

We aim to provide a minimum one or two free full commercial products each week. The giveaway days will be random, but you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, follow our RSS feed, keep one eye on the Downloadcrew website or bookmark Downloadcrew Giveaway!

In between the free full commercial giveaways, you can take advantage of our 24-hour discount offers we'll be providing. We hope to offer you some great software deals through the week.

An offer is not available in my country, why?

Sadly some software giveaways will be unavailable for all territories and may not be available in your country. Downloadcrew giveaway is provided for the United States of America, primarily, so some giveaways and offers may be georestricted for the USA and/or North America/Canada depending on the requirements of the software supplier.

To give you the very best full free software downloads, we have to adhere to the requirements dictated by our software partners and those requirements will mean the offers will not be available in all countries. You will see a georestriction warning when an offer is not available in your country. Check back tomorrow or a later date for future offers.

Who powers the discounted offers?

Between the full software giveaways, we'll be offering you discounted 24-hour software offers. These are powered by the Downloadcrew Software Store, which uses a cart provided by Cleverbridge, who provide carts for leading software developers including Acronis, Avira, Laplink, DivX, Malwarebytes and many other brands. If you have bought a product and need to talk to Cleverbridge, contact their customer support with phone numbers in the States, UK, Germany and Japan.

Do I need to register?

You will where we allocate a serial code. The Downloadcrew giveaway technology can issue serial codes on behalf of our software partners. If we are required to issue a serial code, you will need to have registered before you can get a code. For some giveaways, you will not need to register.

Please note that the Downloadcrew giveaway site shares the same user database as the regular Downloadcrew and our various software stores around the world. If you have registered on the main Downloadcrew website or one of our software stores, you will not need to register again. Simply login using your existing username and password.

Can we partner Downloadcrew giveaway?

Yes, we very much welcome partners. Go to the Spead The Word section for more information.

We have various ways you can partner Downloadcrew giveaway. These include providing a live widget on your website which will show the latest giveaway or discounted offer. Alternatively, you can use our XML feed (contact us for more info about this XML feed) to build your own ticker or widget.

We can co-brand Downloadcrew giveaway with your logo. Take a look at the Downloadcrew giveaway homepage and we'll replace the Downloadcrew logo in the top right with your logo (if approved as partner). Plus, if we offer a discounted 24-hour promotion, the cart will be branded with your cart header. Again, more information by contacting us directly.

Best of all, you can share revenue from sales made through Downloadcrew giveaway. Averaging 20% commission per sale, we simply drop in your referring Cleverbridge affiliate ID, this is dropped as a cookie on your branded cart and you'll receive a sale notification from every order, be able to login to the Cleverbridge Affiliate Center to track your orders and you can even negotiate directly with the software partners? How, you'll be a Cleverbridge affiliate partner and every affiliate partner can have their own commission configuration. If you can get a better deal from Acronis or other Cleverbridge partners, this commission will be paid for every order placed from Downloadcrew giveaway!

Can we have our own local giveaway website?

The simple answer is, yes! Our business is, and always has been, based around partners. We have local partners in the UK, Australia, Sweden, Greece and Ireland. We're seeking additional partners in other territories.

We can provide you with a localised giveaway website for your territory. It would be georestricted for your territory, can reside on your domain, you can have your own partner widget, push users to your own branded cart and much more.

Use the form on the Spread The Word page for more information. Please note that we only accept established partners and only one per territory (we do not want to local giveaway websites in the same country, localised in the same language).