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We have various ways you can partner Downloadcrew Giveaway. These include providing a live widget on your website which will show the latest giveaway or discounted offer. Alternatively, you can use our XML feed (contact us using the form below for more info about this XML feed) to build your own ticker or widget.

We can co-brand Downloadcrew Giveaway with your logo. Take a look at the Downloadcrew Giveaway homepage and we'll replace the Downloadcrew logo in the top right with your logo (if approved as partner). Plus, if we offer a discounted 24-hour promotion, the cart will be branded with your cart header. Again, more information by contacting us directly.

Best of all, you can share revenue from sales made through Downloadcrew Giveaway. Averaging 20% commission per sale, we simply drop in your referring Cleverbridge affiliate ID, this is dropped as a cookie on your branded cart and you'll receive a sale notification from every order, be able to login to the Cleverbridge Affiliate Center to track your orders and you can even negotiate directly with the software partners? How, you'll be a Cleverbridge affiliate partner and every affiliate partner can have their own commission configuration. If you can get a better deal from Acronis or other Cleverbridge partners, this commission will be paid for every order placed from Downloadcrew giveaway.

Can we have our own local Giveaway website?

The simple answer is, yes! Our business is, and always has been, based around partners. We have local partners in the UK, Australia, Sweden, Greece and Ireland. We're seeking additional partners in other territories.

We can provide you with a localised Giveaway website for your territory. It would be georestricted for your territory, can reside on your domain, you can have your own partner widget, push users to your own branded cart and much more.

Use the form below to contact us for more information. Please note that we only accept established partners and only one per territory (we do not want to local Giveaway websites in the same country, localised in the same language).

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