Serif PagePlus X4

Create newsletters, brochures, business cards, logos, websites and more with this powerful desktop publishing tool.

Between midday Friday 25 December and midday Saturday 26 December EST, you get Serif PagePlus X4, worth $99.99, for free.

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About The Giveaway

Serif PagePlus X4 is a powerful desktop publishing tool which can help you to create all kinds of documents, graphics and publications.

The program provides a lengthy list of professional design templates to help you get started. So you're able to create themed business stationery, for instance - brochures, business cards, flyers, compliments slips and more - in just a few clicks. There are also attractive logos, newsletter and poster designs, even web sites; all you have to do is choose the design you like, then customise it to suit your needs.

If you need to add extra graphics to your document, then the program can import most formats (including digital camera RAW images). Editing tools do everything from helping you cleanly cut a person away from the background, to removing red-eye, fixing brightness and contrast and generally making sure the image is up to your standards. Or you can create additional graphics yourself, using the powerful vector graphics drawing tools, the professional gradient fills, filter effects, 3D lighting and surface effects, and more.

Text handling is just as impressive, with your content flowing easily through the program's text frames, while the various wrap options ensure it looks just as you'd like. Again, you're able to apply multiple effects (transparencies, gradient fills, 3D options and more), and PagePlus X4 delivers all the composition features you'd expect from any professional word processor: spell check, word counts, thesaurus, proof reader, automated tables of contents, indexes and so on.

And when you've finished, excellent publishing features allow you to create industry-standard PDFs (including PDF slideshows, complete with page transitions, sound and video clips) and web pages, or you can print documents professionally, as the ICC Colour Profiling support ensuring the printed pages will look just as good as they do on screen.

Important Information

Giveaway available between midday Friday 25 December and midday Saturday 26 December EST.

This offer isn't available for users in Australia or New Zealand due to local distribution restrictions. Sorry!

How To Get Your Serial Code

Simply login (create an account if you haven't done previously) and click the "get serial code" button. You should be allocated a serial code immediately.

Note that you'll need to register once you start Serif PagePlus X4. You can do this via the software or on the Serif Registration Page.