Advanced SystemCare 10.5 PRO

Includes a 1-PC, 1-Year "PRO" license

Clean, optimize and secure your PC with this powerful maintenance toolkit, worth $19.95, for free, with this weekend's giveaway!

Between Friday 4 August and midnight Sunday 6 August PDT, you get Advanced SystemCare 10.5 PRO, with a 1-year license, worth $19.95, for free.

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About The Giveaway

Advanced SystemCare 10.5 is the latest edition of IObit's amazingly comprehensive PC maintenance suite.

Just installing the package gets you an entire library of essential tools. There are modules to clean and optimise your Registry, delete junk and duplicate files, control your startup programs, fix Windows issues, detect and remove malware, free up RAM, update and back up your drivers, undelete files, fully uninstall applications, schedule PCs shutdowns, securely wipe confidential files and apply a host of useful Windows tweaks. (And you could build another excellent maintenance suite from the modules we've left out.)

There's real depth and intelligence here, too. SystemCare doesn't just list your browser toolbars and startup programs and leave you to figure out what to do next, for instance - it highlights unnecessary or dangerous items and allows you to remove them with a click.

If you like the hands-on approach then it's easy to launch any of these modules, take complete control and decide exactly what you want to do.

But if you're not so sure - or just in a hurry - then you can leave Advanced SystemCare to handle most tasks on its own, scanning your chosen areas for problems and issues, and fixing them all with a click.

Advanced SystemCare 10.5 is the very latest version and you're receiving the Professional edition as part of this giveaway. 

Important Information

Giveaway available between Friday 4 August and midnight Sunday 6 August PDT.

You receive a 1-Year, 1-PC "PRO" license as part of this offer but you must activate before Monday 7 August 1am PDT.

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Simply login (create an account if you haven't done previously) and click the "get serial code" button. You should be allocated a serial code immediately.

Important: You receive a 1-Year, 1-PC "PRO" license as part of this offer but you must activate before Monday 7 August 1am PDT.


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